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After spending some quality time on the Assegai River with skilled Protea Artlure angler Rudolph Venter, Koos Bonema and local experienced angler Pieter Heyneke, we came to the conclusion that casting lures on light tackle setups is not just a fun filled activity but also a highly effective method of targeting the Smallscale Yellowfish of the Assegai River.

Because of this we have decided to add light tackle spin fishing to our package for guests who would like to cast lures to the Smallscales on this river.


Short drives from one pool in the river to the next keeps the fishing pressure at a minimum, often allowing anglers to return to a productive pool again at a later stage in the day, the drives are quite scenic along the river and what seem like endless plantations, Fishing is mainly done from the river’s banks, casting to the edge of reed stands and other structure such as submerged rocks, sometimes wading is required and a stealthy approach into the water will ensure that fish holding close to the edges of the river are not spooked.

A minimal degree of fitness will go a long way especially getting in and out of the river and moving up and down the river from one spot to the other, the river isn’t very overgrown and mostly flows through gentle sloping gradient as it makes it way to Swaziland.


Most fish range between 500g to 1,5kg but on most outings fish of over two kilograms are caught and the odd trophy sized fish of over 3,5Kg has also been taken from the river, when spin fishing the number of fish is usually less than using fly fishing methods, but here its quality fish over quantity that sets using spinning methods apart, as the larger fish are often more predatory.

On a new pool are the first couple of casts are the most productive, from there the fish become slightly unsettled and will move to deeper cover, this is where the deep diving lures that stay in contact with the bottom are most effective. As soon as it becomes clear that the fish in the pool being fished are no longer bumping lures, it is time to move to the next holding spot, sometimes the next pool is within walking distance, at other times some driving to the next spot may be required.

When a fish shows itself by rising to the surface, a quick cast into the ring usually gets a fish that is close to the surface to turn and investigate the disturbance on the water’s surface often resulting in a strike, Smallscales can often be quite inquisitive and sometimes after the lure lands let it sit for a second or two, the fish will often pick the lure up as it slowly sinks

Recommended Setup

A 7 – 8 FT Medium to medium heavy Spinning rod paired with a good spinning reel loaded with braid and a 3ft fluorocarbon leader of up to 15Lb is sufficient to cast the required lures and also put the brakes on these steam trains.

Effective Lures:
Hornets 3cm
– White Shad
– Black Tiger
Rattlin Hornet 4,5cm
– Yellow Holo Perch
Rattlin Hornet 5,5cm
– Sexy Shad

DT Series Crankbaits
– Bleeding Olive Baitfish

If you would like to fish for some really decent sized Smallscale Yellowfish, on some of the most scenic rivers please feel free contact me for more details.


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