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Month: April 2018


Some time back I managed to snap the second section from the tip of one of my favourite rods, a Temple Fork Outfitters, Jim Teeny Fly Rod  9′ 6wt, 4pc rod.


Even though I had a spare rod with me that day, it still wasn’t a good day, it felt like I came second regardless of the fact that I did manage to land a couple of Yellowfish.

Well when I arrived home the afternoon I unpacked and put the rod on my desk since it was too late to contact the South African distributor. The next morning I phoned up the distributor and was met with some disappointing news, apparently the rod was no longer in production and he also had no spares for the section that was broken, his suggestion was to replace it with a BVK or other TFO Model. Well I was disappointed to say the least, but eventually I did replace the rod with a BVK.

Don’t get me wrong I love my BVK Rods and I’m a staunch TFO Fly Rod advocate, but that Jim Teeny rod was just awesome on the water and it was my all-round, go everywhere with me, just in case rod. With its powerful lower section for fighting bigger fish yet sensitive tip and fast action I could cast out bulky flies for bass and tigers and still make those few extra meters on the river to get that fly in front of yellows holding in the current on the other side of the river, I had chalked up some very memorable catches on it, such as a 9Lb Tigerfish on the Komati River, a 17Lb carp and more yellowfish and largemouth bass than I could count.

TFO Teeny Rod

Well time went by and the BVK’s caught fish, I tried to source another TFO Teeny rod but to no avail, after some time I decided to take a chance and send TFO USA a mail in the hope that they just might have the rod section.  Within the space of a few hours after sending the mail, a very friendly customer agent by the name of Kimberly Penick responded to my email and the response was very positive. After some correspondence with a couple of pictures of the broken section and sorting out the postage details, I received a mail informing me that the rod section was in the mail.

As expected it took some time to arrive in South Africa all the way from the USA and anticipation grew as I followed the tracking status nearly on an hourly basis every day, but the day eventually came and I received the collection slip in my post box. I was as excited as kid before Christmas. I was in and out of the Post Office in record time with the package in hand I rushed home to open it, in less than half an hour I was on the lawn with the rod rigged up making one cast after another. Line sailed through the guides and the rod performed just like I remembered it. Man did I miss this rod’s action and feel.

Thanks so much to Kim and TFO USA for making the effort, to help me put this awesome rod together again. I really was impressed with your help and assistance and the fact that TFO keeps to their word regarding your guarantee. Its service like this that makes your rods even better.

Now just to get it on the water again and feel the bend in action.

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